London 2012 Part 3

In our third post to commemorate London 2012 Olympics and as the closing ceremy is held today, it is time to look back and reflect on the economic impact the event has had.

Below is a infograph found here breaking down the costs of hosting the olympics.

Links we love

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  • Good design and good news – a great project from a London design agency. The Good Times newspaper.
  • The 1958 Lego patent drawing.
  • These Pantone tarts have been doing the rounds on the net. Yummy and colourful.
  • We could do with a real life version of this in the tinbot office! Instead we may just order the print from the What Katie does Etsy store.
  • Working from home (like we do!) is both awesome and horrible.
  • Maybe she is born with it, maybe its Fotoshop!