More keep calm

Continuing on from our last post about the “keep calm and carry on” posters and how it has been parodied into so many different versions. This is my favourite I have seen to date. It pleases the geeky side of me!

Keep Calm and Carry on

The keep calm and carry on print is everywhere these days. This iconic poster started to appear in home and design magazines and home decor blogs about seven years ago and now you cannot escape it, the message is everywhere!

The motto is printed on mugs, t-shirts, and it has been parodied many times over to every possible turn of phase. And yes, I do want to get a poster in pink to hang in our bedroom when we decorate it! It is the perfect encouragement I need to start each day.

I knew that the poster was used as a morale booster in the second world war but that was the extent of my knowledge of its history. I recently came across this video below which explains the story behind the poster. Plus it shows an amazing book store I really want to visit now!