Hello World!

Hello and welcome to the new blog from tinbot web services. It is another small contribution to the Internet from ourselves, as well as the services we offer to our clients listed in our about page. Here on tinblog we will offer our readers a insight in to what happens behind the scene at Tinbot Towers in posting about the projects we are working on. Plus good design, art, geek stuff, the weirder side of the Internet and generally anything else creative we come across that we admire.

Did you know that 2 million blog posts are created everyday? We aim to post just one or two articles per week so do not panic if you decide to follow Tinblog!

Want to know how we knew that 2 million blog posts are created everyday? And that everyday 294 billion emails are sent? Not by Tinbot we hasten to add! It is just another average day in the life of the Internet according to this infograph found here.