London 2012 Part 1

This is the first of three special posts to commemorate the 2012 Olympics held here in the UK from tinblog.

In this post we will share some designs and packaging inspired by the event, in our second post we will look back at the history of past London olympics and finally in our third post we will share an infograph about London 2012.

Here are three design projects we like -

1. MWM Graphics collaborating with Attik and CocaCola on a campaign found here.

2. This minimalist approach from Samar Abbas as an alternative take on the poster for the swimming events.

3. And these alternative London 2012 Olympic posters inspired by Les Graphiquants and David Hockney by Giles Priscott.

If you wish to see more alternative London 2012 Olympic posters please check out this post from AnotherDesignBlog.

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